Relationship Issues

We were meant for connection. Relationships are an inevitable and crucial part of our lives. From the time that we are born, we are seeking connection with our caregivers. These early influences can impact our relationships throughout the rest of our lives. Navigating relationships can be tough. Whether it is with a partner, a family member (parent, sibling, child, etc.), or a significant other, relationships can be stressful. It can be perfectly normal to need assistance in navigating issues within your relationships.

Reasons of seeking therapy:

Difficulty communicating

Trouble setting boundaries

Imbalance in roles & responsibilities

Identifying relationship patterns

Negotiating your needs

Attachment wounds

Seeking therapy for relationship issues can be done through marriage and couples therapy, or individual therapy. Processing how you feel about your relationships and your role in them can help you to better understand what you want and need out of your relationships. 

How we can help

We can help you learn skills to communicate effectively and negotiate your needs within the context of relationships. Our therapists will help you to identify what kinds of relationships you would like to have with others in the future. Our therapists are trained in modalities specific to interpersonal skills, communication, and some modalities specific to couples counseling. Whether you are seeking assistance with your romantic relationship, or individually to navigate difficult relationships in your family, our therapists are here to help.