At Grace Therapy our team works with children, teens, and adults using a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Our therapists are experienced in working with a variety of mental health issues including those detailed below and more.

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An estimated 8% of adults in the United States experienced a major depressive episode in 2020. Depressive symptoms impact day-to-day functioning. If you’re experiencing an increase in feelings of hopelessness, a lack of energy or interest in activities, changes in sleep or appetite, or generally low mood our therapists can help you.


Over 40 million adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder. While anxiety can be a healthy response to life’s stressors, persistent symptoms can significantly impact your quality of life. If you’re struggling with excessive worry, difficulty concentrating, withdrawal, or other symptoms of anxiety our therapists at Grace Therapy & Wellness are here to support you.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Disordered eating impacts people across race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and size. Eating disorders involve disordered eating behaviors and significant disturbances in thoughts and emotions around eating. If you think you may be struggling with an eating disorder, reach out, our therapists are equipped to help you navigate your relationship with food and to walk with you through recovery.

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Grief & Loss

Loss is a universally shared human experience that comes in many forms and now in the face of COVID-19 grief is more present than ever. Grief is a natural, painful, and often complicated experience and our therapists are here to walk alongside you as you navigate through it.


Our practice is inclusive of all identities and orientations and we operate from an understanding of the impact of mental health issues on differing identities. The LGBTQIA+ community as a whole faces unique challenges and our therapists are equipped to affirm and support you through them.

Child & Teen Counseling

Childhood is a time of continual change - cognitively, physically, and psychologically. At Grace Therapy our therapists are dedicated to providing a safe place for children to navigate these changes and develop the skills to live their best lives.

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Trauma & PTSD

It's estimated that around 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced a trauma event. Trauma treatment can helpful in healing both your mind and body. If you've experienced a recent stressor that's causing you to experience flashbacks or if you feel flooded with emotions and unable to move on, our team is here to provide a safe space for you to process and heal.

Relationship Issues

You may be navigating intimacy, communication, or other issues that arise within interpersonal relationships. Our therapists are equipped to work with you and those around you to develop healthier, stronger relationships.

College Student Mental Health

College is a uniquely exciting, stressful, and change-filled time in one's life. Mental Health issues impact around 40% of college students, a percentage that continues to grow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is here to support you as you navigate the many transitions and stressors that accompany pursuing higher education.