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Young Adult Mental Health

Transitioning To Adulthood Can Be Scary


Are you having difficulty managing time between work, school, and relationships?


Has college life been more than you expected? Are you faced with challenges regarding identity, substance use, sexual exploration, and relationship issues?


Are you having a hard time setting boundaries and establishing independence from your parents?


The transition from being a teenager to an independent adult can be a strange and scary one. There are practical things that you are learning to juggle, like working, going to school, paying bills, learning to do taxes, navigating relationships, and establishing independence from your parents, while also trying to explore your identity, learn about your interests, explore your sexuality, and enjoy it all at the same time. This can be hard to juggle all together and may contribute to feeling more anxious or depressed. A study from the CDC shows that 63% of young adults during 2020 were experiencing depression, anxiety, or both.

You May Be Feeling Overwhelmed With This Transition


You may be struggling with time management, navigating the stress of your job, college life, sustaining an apartment or a home, taking care of your physical self care, and navigating relationships. All of this can be really overwhelming. And then perhaps you are wanting to explore family of origin issues - things that perhaps you experienced during childhood that left some pain that you would like to resolve. Being a young adult is hard work, and our highly skilled therapists know how difficult it is to navigate this new territory. We are here to support you.

Whether you are looking to work on stress management, communication issues, family of origin trauma, sexual identity and exploration, romantic relationships, friendships, or self-esteem, we can partner with you in your goals for your counseling to help you through this transition. Reach out to use today to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our highly skilled therapists.

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