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Grief & Loss Counseling

Has Your Grief Stopped the Passing of Time?

Does it feel impossible to move on with daily life since your loss?

Are you feeling like your world stopped moving, while everyone else’s continues on as if nothing happened?


Or maybe you feel like everything has changed, who you are feels no longer complete, and as though there is a large piece of you missing?

Experiencing loss and feeling the weight of that grief can be overwhelming. At its core, grief is the natural human response to loss and while grief is universal it is experienced quite personally and can present in many unique ways. The emotional experience of grief is strong, often overwhelming and can include a flood of emotions including sadness, anger, guilt, regret, and more.

You May Be Feeling Isolated And Like No One Understands


Though grief is typically associated with the passing away of a loved one, it also arises as the result of other types of loss. Grief can result from quitting or being fired from a job, major life transitions, receiving a chronic diagnosis, moving to a new place, and many other types of loss. You may be feeling alone and isolated, and as though no one around you fully understands the weight of grief that you are experiencing. It can be as though everyone has already moved on with their lives and are moving forward as though nothing has changed, while it may feel like time has stopped and everything has changed for you.

It’s important to know that what you are experiencing is normal and you are not alone in it. Many people feel the same way when they have experienced a significant loss - whether it be a job, someone they love, or the ending of a relationship. 

Grief Impacts All Of Us At Some Point In Our Lives

Grief is a normal part of life. Many of us have experienced a loss in our life already, and maybe you are taken aback by how this certain loss has impacted you. The reality is, when we experience a loss, it can trigger all of the other losses we have experienced prior. If we did not have the appropriate tools or time to grieve our previous losses, we may be experiencing the weight of a lot of loss now. You may be more vulnerable to experiencing anxiety and depression while trying to cope through grief. Being able to move through the grief cycle can depend upon a lot of factors, including familial and social relationships, physical and emotional health, and past patterns of resiliency. 

Many people experience fear around moving through their grief and healing. It’s normal if you are afraid that healing means letting go. Our grief can be a symbol of the significance someone or something had in our lives, and if we no longer experience that weight, we might fear that it no longer exists or has the same significance. Having the support of a grief counselor to be a witness to the love and pain that you have following loss can help you to sort through your thoughts and feelings about moving forward. 


You Can’t Force Grief To Be Over But You Can Learn To Befriend It


Your initial reaction to grieving might be to make it end as soon as possible. You may be feeling uncomfortable and just want the pain to stop. Our knee-jerk reaction may be to dive back into life and try to move forward without acknowledging what happened. Though distraction can be a good way to cope initially, it’s important to acknowledge the pain that you have experienced. 

We can’t force the pain to end, but we can learn more about it, resolve any unanswered questions that our grief has, and work through any feelings of guilt or resentment that may arise. 

I sat with my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grief.” —C.S. Lewis

The Pain Is Unbearable - How Will Therapy Help?

Grief is not something with a quick fix or that we "get over". Grief is a process and must be lived, felt, experienced, and walked through. Navigating grief can often feel overwhelming or confusing leaving you stuck at the start. Individual therapy with a grief counselor can provide a safe place to begin the grieving process. A grief therapist will help you walk through grief by supporting you in processing and coping with your feelings, addressing your new reality, and understanding how grief looks for you as an individual more fully. ​Grief can often feel isolating, even while being a natural part of the human experience. Know that you are never alone. Our team at Grace Therapy & Wellness is ready to walk alongside you in your grief journey. 

Common Concerns You and Others May Have


Will you keep our sessions private?

Yes! All of us are bound by confidentiality to our licensure board, as well as by HIPAA. We do not communicate with anyone outside of your treatment without a signed release of information from you. Confidentiality is only ever breached under extraordinary circumstances (e.g. imminent danger to self or others). 


The weight of my grief is SO bad, how are you going to help me? 

Every person has a unique experience and relationship with grief and just as unique needs. Our Grief Therapists are trained in many different modalities of treatment, which means we can tailor our approach to match your unique needs. We have seen the success of treatment for even the most difficult experiences of grief.


Grief Counseling is expensive - is it worth it?

Any form of therapy or counseling is an investment. Making the choice to invest into your mental wellbeing, and in turn may impact the relationship with yourself, your family and friends, and your daily life.

You CAN Experience Joy and Fulfillment Again


Take the next step in your grieving

If you think our services may be right for you, take the next step and reach out to us today to schedule an initial appointment. We offer local in-person counseling in Austin, TX and online for the state of Texas.

Resources for Grieving


  • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom 

  • A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis

  • The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion 

  • In Love: A Memoir of Love & Loss by Amy Bloom

  • The Grieving Brain by Mary-Frances O'Conner 

  • It's Okay That You're Not Okay by Megan Divine


  • Griefcast

  • Grief Out Loud

  • Grief Unfiltered

  • Good Mourning 

  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

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