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Relationship Counseling

Is Your Relationship or Marriage Feeling Unsteady?


Has communication within your relationship vanished? Or does it become hostile and loud?


Do you or your partner feel invisible, anxious, or unloved in your relationship?


Does it feel like the love has been drained from your relationship and now you both feel like roommates?


Has infidelity stolen the trust and intimacy that was once strong and present?


All couples have difficulty within their relationship and tend to encounter territory that feels unsteady or uncertain. All relationships face difficulties that may be hard to navigate, or encounter “rough patches” that need some additional wisdom and clarity. If your communication patterns continue to be missed by each other, or infidelity has stolen the trust you once had, it can feel incredibly isolating. You may be feeling like you are living in a fog and that the magic of your relationship has disappeared. 


You are seeking out answers and to find some help for your relationship - we are here to help.

Every Relationship Encounters Conflict


At one point or another, a marriage or relationship will encounter conflict - and sometimes that conflict requires outside help to resolve. This is completely normal and it can be healthy to engage in couples therapy or relationship counseling.


Sometimes, we overcomplicate things and put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our partners to be everything that we need. We may expect our partners to meet all of our needs, and vice versa. This can be really unrealistic, leading to a lot of unmet needs and hurt feelings.


Common Issues That Relationships Encounter

Difficulty Communicating / Conflict Unsettled

Many people in relationships have difficulty communicating appropriately and effectively. This can lead to conflict in the relationship being ignored and unsettled. Many individuals do not have the right tools to effectively communicate through conflict, leading to tension and ill feelings towards each other.

Dissipating Intimacy and Friendship

It can be normal for many couples to begin feeling like roommates. Maybe you and your partner wake at different times, go to work or throughout your days without much contact, and have different schedules in the evening. You feel like ships passing in the night, without the substance that your relationship had previously. 

Lack of Sexual Desire Or Problems with Intimacy

You may be experiencing dissatisfaction in regards to your sexual needs, or you feel that your sex drives no longer match up. Communicating about your sexual desires and differences in sex drive feels uncomfortable and vulnerable, and you don’t know where to even start. 

Infidelity and Relationship Betrayal

A part of you may still love your partner, but you may feel betrayed and heartbroken that infidelity has left its mark. You are feeling unsure how to restart your relationship but are looking for a path that can lead you forward in healing. 

Regardless of the issue, you are looking for help for your relationship and are trying to save it before more damage is done. 

Can Relationship/Couples Therapy Really Help Us?


You might be considering couples therapy but you are unsure whether you want the relationship to continue or not. You feel like the relationship is rather neutral and not benefitting you or your partner. You may even feel trapped. 

Relationship counseling can help you learn skills to communicate effectively in your relationship, in a way that helps you to feel heard and understood. Through couples therapy, you may even begin to better understand your partner(s) deeper feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This may reduce the amount of miscommunication and help you to both have a better understanding of each other and the function of your relationship. 


Through honest communication and hard work of all parties involved, your relationship can thrive again

Choosing Separation or Divorce

Whether you are currently considering separation/divorce, or it comes up during your time in relationship counseling, a Relationship Therapist can help you walk through this in a way that is honoring to you and your partner. We will help you explore the history of the relationship, communication patterns, wants, needs & desires,  and what feels functional in moving forward.

Couples Therapy Can Help Rebuild Stronger Connection and Intimacy 

If all parties have a strong desire to move forward in a healthier and stronger relationship, couples therapy with one of our trained relationship therapists can be incredibly helpful. 

In couples counseling, our goal is for you to become the expert in your relationship and the tools needed to navigate future conflict. We want you to leave this season equipped with the necessary skills to be heard and to hear your partner, negotiate your needs, and find deep and supportive intimacy in your relationship again. 


You Can Be in Harmony Again

Through exploring the history and patterns of your relationship, a couples therapist will help you to identify unhealthy and damaging habits in your relationship. You and your partner will then have the opportunity to stop these behaviors, and begin implementing new ways of being. Simply identifying these patterns and shifting your perspective can help both you and your partner see each other better. 

This will lead to deeper understanding, better communication, and greater intimacy. Your relationship CAN be healthy. You both have the opportunity and ability to learn new ways of being and communicating, ways that will equip you to have difficult conversations and understanding of each other’s needs and desires. 

Resilient and Confident People Have More Relationship Satisfaction

Through the exploration of your relationship and your partner, you will in turn begin to learn more about yourself and understand yourself on a deeper level. You will learn about your own needs and ways to communicate them in a manner than is truthful and honoring of yourself and your relationship.

As you learn about your partner and obtain skills to navigate your relationship, you will begin to become more confident in yourself and your relationship.You will discover that there is nothing quite as fulfilling as becoming a more confident and healthier version of yourself, while contributing to sustaining a healthier marriage or relationship.


You CAN Experience Connection in Your Relationship Again


Take the next step in the healing of your relationship

If you believe that one of our relationship therapists may be the right fit for you, take the next step and reach out to us today to schedule an initial appointment. We offer local in-person counseling in Austin, TX and online for the state of Texas.

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