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Mental health through a holistic lens

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We provide integrative therapy services to adolescents, teens, college-aged individuals and adults. Our clinicians create space using a non-judgmental, client-centered, and strengths-based approach. At Grace Therapy, we serve our clients using a relational and integrative lens.

Our practice is inclusive and welcoming to all identities, backgrounds, and orientations.

We strive to create a healing space for you to share personal experiences while working together to improve functioning and overall wellbeing. We are so grateful for the opportunity to walk side by side with you through the ups and downs of life.

Our team values a holistic approach to therapy, honoring the connection between mental and physical health. In session, this approach transpires through teaching mindfulness, breath work, and movement while using knowledge about neurobiology to normalize and understand some of our human tendencies.  

Grace Therapy is a trauma-informed practice.  Our clinicians offer EMDR, DBT, and other evidence-based therapeutic modalities. 

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 -  Anxiety and Depression

 -  Relationship Issues

 -  Trauma and PTSD

 -  Work and School Performance

 -  Grief and Loss

 -  ADHD & Executive Functioning

 -  Life Transitions

-   Gender Identity and Sexuality 

-   LGBTQIA+ Matters 

-   Perinatal Mental Health

-  Teen & College Student Mental Health

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For teens, college students, and adults who want to cultivate growth, healing, and self-awareness but are stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns or behaviors


For partnerships from all backgrounds who want to work on enhancing communication skills, improving intimacy, and building a closer relationship


For individuals interested in the mind-body connection and building learning about holistic mental health approaches including breath work, interpersonal neurobiology, and meditation to improve wellbeing