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The Influence of Grace

What we think of when we hear the word “grace” may have a lot to do with our experiences with religious or spiritual institutions. Regardless of religious and spiritual practices, or religious upbringing, we believe that grace is an essential core of who we are and how we interact with ourselves and the world. Whether we are Buddhist, Atheist, Christian, Wicken, Hindu, Agnostic, Islam, Jewish, Baha’i, Shinto, or our own unique spiritual practice, we believe that the grace that we offer ourselves, and others, has an important role in our healing.

What is Grace?

The Oxford Dictionary defines grace in multiple contexts, some being:


  1. Simple elegance or refinement of movement

  2. Courteous goodwill

  3. Do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one's presence.


Grace can be described as the way that one moves without rigid obstruction, the forgiveness or compassion that we offer those who have done wrong, and ways that we impart strength to overcome struggles. There are multiple definitions of grace and meanings dependent upon the source. 

What Grace Means at Grace Therapy & Wellness

At Grace Therapy & Wellness, we believe in grace as a core value of who we are, how we practice, and how we relate to others. We believe in a form of grace that is free of guilt and shame, and that is intrinsic to our wellbeing as humans. 


  • Grace is a wholehearted acceptance of ourselves.


  • Grace means offering ourselves pure curiosity about who we are with gentle compassion.


  • Grace means accepting what is, even alongside the desire to change it.


Grace as a value and a practice for us as clinicians and human beings comes from an internal, and mutual respect with our fellow human, that we all have unique experiences in this life. This grace extends into our personal and professional practices. You will be met with wholehearted acceptance of who you are, with curiosity and compassion towards your experience, and the acceptance of that experience as we partner with you in grace to understand your desire to make changes - or simply to come to a place of grace with yourself. 

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