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College & Mental Health

Beginning college can be a fun and exciting time in your life. Though exciting, embarking on a new and transformational chapter in your life can be very stressful and overwhelming. College students are unique in that you may be navigating a new city, new independence, different and new relationships, new roommates, all while balancing your home and family life, on top of your school schedule and assignments.


Concerns May Include

  • Time management

  • Dating & relationships

  • Safe sex and sexuality

  • Isolation & loneliness

  • Drug & alcohol use

  • Home sickness

  • Anxiety over test-taking

  • Healthy habits

Due to these factors and the many demands that college brings, many students may begin to experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and sometimes suicidal ideation. Talking to someone can help.


How We Help

The good news is that all of our therapists have attended university and graduate school before. Not only are they trained to help you navigate your mental health journey, they can understand on a personal level the stress that you are undertaking. Our therapists take a holistic approach, meaning that they consider the needs of the whole person: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. We can help you navigate the stress of college life while finding balance again.